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Porta-Dry 150 Portable Dehumidifier - Dual Voltage

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Porta-Dry 150 Portable Dehumidifier - Dual Voltage

High performance portable dehumidifiers. Robust, portable dehumidifiers designed specifically to provide rapid drying solutions and humidity control.

Main benefits include

  • Porta-Dry dehumidifiers are a British designed and manufactured product evolved from nearly 40 years of manufacturing experience
  • Our dehumidifiers are specifically designed for mobile dehumidification and are built to withstand the rigours of construction sites and hire-related wear and tear. They are supported by a nationwide service network and technical support team to ensure the correct product is selected for your needs
  • Removing moisture cleanly and efficiently
  • Our portable dehumidifiers provide affordable solutions to drying problems, ensuring safe levels of dehumidification and humidity control

Dehumidifier features

  • CFC free – Porta-Dry uses R407oC
  • Operation in temperatures down to 0°C – hot gas defrost supplied with Porta-Dry units
  • Dual voltage – Porta-Dry units can be supplied with 110/240 volt option
  • Non-marking wheels – no tyre marks left on floors
  • Comprehensive UK-based service department, supported by a nationwide service engineer network
  • 4.5 litres condensate collection reservoir (PD150) with auto shut off

How does a Porta-Dry dehumidifier work?

Porta-Dry dehumidifiers are fully contained, packaged units which incorporate a fan and a totally CFC-free refrigeration circuit. A fan draws room air through the machine which firstly passes across a refrigerated heat exchanger (evaporator) that cools and allows moisture contained within the air to condense. The cooled, dry air then passes across a warm heat exchanger (condenser) where it is reheated as a result of the dehumidification process, before being returned to the room in a dry, warm state.Moisture removed from the air is collected in a reservoir where it is fed away to waste.

Due to the unique nature of a refrigeration circuit, energy removed from the air during dehumidification process is converted into usable heat. Typically for every 1kW of energy that a dehumidifier consumes, it will give out 2.5kW of heat; by removing the moisture from the air rather than heating it to a high temperature, Porta-Dry dehumidifiers will dry in a gentle and more controllable manner, alleviating possible material shrinkage and cracking problems associated with heating methods.

Porta-Dry Portable Dehumidifier

The process of dehumidification involves moisture-laden air being drawn into a dehumidifier where the air passes across a refrigerated coil. The air is rapidly cooled below its dew point, condensing the water vapour and recovering its latent heat energy for re-use. The cooled air is then passed across the condenser where it is reheated and returned to the served area at the required lower relative humidity

Drying by dehumidification

Dry air is a laboratory phenomenon. Atmospheric air will always contain moisture, often in quantities that prevent natural ventilation from providing an effective answer to drying buildings. Whether it be during construction, after fire or flood damage or even after a period of disuse, moisture will build up within buildings, often with damaging consequences. These problems can be disguised by the use of heat or ventilation (when the weather is occasionally suitable) but are unpredictable, slow, and potentially energy inefficient.

Dehumidifiers are the only method of positively removing moisture in a controllable, efficient manner from a space, and at a speed that can be dictated to suit the application. During building construction, dehumidifiers can be used to accelerate the rate of drying wet processes such as concrete floors and plaster, not only allowing the construction work to proceed more rapidly, but in a way that ensures the drying will not encourage cracking and distortion. Further, concrete floors that are dried by dehumidifiers will always settle at the correct moisture content.

Available options

  • Condensate pump kit
  • Humidistat
  • Hours-run meter
  • Please use the drop-down arrow to choose options you require

Specification and Dimensions

Maximum 23 l/day
Nominal 20°C/70%RH 15 l/day
Nominal 30°C/80%RH 18 l/day
Electrical data
Dual voltage option 110/230V / 1ph / 50Hz
Recommended supply fuse 13A
Recommended size of dual voltage transformer 600VA
Nominal power consumption 0.43kW
Fan Air Flow 200 m³/h
Internal temperature greater than 15°C 175 m³
Internal temperature less than 15°C 150 m³
Height x width x depth 570 x 356 x 356mm
Weight 30kg


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Porta-Dry 150 Portable Dehumidifier - Dual Voltage

Porta-Dry 150 Portable Dehumidifier - Dual Voltage

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